Your Vaping Life

vapingYou wake up to the early Saturday morning sun pouring in through the bedroom window. You take a full, deep breath and enjoy the fact that you don’t have to cough up a lung as you have every morning for the past twenty years. You feel healthy and proud of yourself for having found a way to stop smoking cigarettes, even though it took much less willpower than you had expected.

You grab your e-cig from your nightstand, put in two drops of orange-flavored e-liquid, and take a long, slow drag as you enjoy the warmth of your down comforter on this cool autumn morning. It feels exactly like you’re inhaling cigarette smoke. Your throat constricts, you feel the warmth, and you exhale a huge, thick cloud into the sunlight and watch it swirl around. But it’s not smoke. It’s vapor. And you’re vaping in your bedroom without stinking the place up, without charring the walls with tar, and surprisingly, you immediately came to prefer the fruity tastes of the different e-liquids you’ve purchased over the smoky taste of cigarettes and even over the tobacco-flavored e-liquids.

You’ve been vaping for over a month now without a single cigarette, without any strong cravings for one, and your body¬†feels exactly as if you’ve quit cold turkey, except you’re not going crazy and not gaining any weight. Not only has it been a month without any serious cigarette cravings, but your new vaping lifestyle feels like a new life. You’re free, finally, and every day is filled with a little more excitement and a little less guilt than just a month ago.

Last week you tried a cigarette out of curiosity. You took three drags and it tasted bad. You smelled bad. You tossed the cigarette onto the ground, stomped it out, and wondered how it was possible that you used to love the taste and smell of them. Your suspicion that you were done with cigarettes forever was confirmed in that moment.

Later that Saturday, a storm rolls in and it starts raining while you’re driving to the grocery store. You think back to a month ago and cringe at the inconvenience of smoking in your car in the rain. The rain would come in through the window, your cigarette wouldn’t burn well because of the water on it, and your car would stink worse than ever because you would only have the window open a crack. But now, you’re comfortably vaping with the windows closed, the heat flowing from the vents, and only the faint smell of pomegranate in the air because you switched to that flavor after your early morning orange vaping.

Only a month ago you were a pack-a-day smoker, coughing your way through the morning, spending eight dollars every day in order to shorten your life, and although you knew it was bad, really bad for you, you couldn’t stop. You always felt a little guilty and ashamed about it. But now, you have a new life. You’re a new person, and you’ve been browsing the internet for somewhere you can go on a nice vacation in a few months using all the money you’ve saved.

Life is good.

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